Health, Safety & Environment

Protecting the environment in which it operates and ensuring the health and safety of its employees at all times is one of Caspian Sunrise’s top priorities.

Svetlana Kushenova is the Safety and Ecology Engineer for Caspian Sunrise. She implements and oversees Caspian Sunrise’s comprehensive health, safety and environment policy. She reports directly to the Board of the operating company, Caspian Sunrise’s key asset, BNG.

Health & Safety

Caspian Sunrise works hard to minimise the risks to employees from the day to day operation of its business.

Caspian Sunrise is fully committed to a high standard of health & safety and it is Caspian Sunrise’s policy and practice to comply with the health and safety regulations and requirements of Kazakhstan in order to protect its employees. Responsibility for Health & Safety lies with Svetlana Kushenova. Svetlana is the Health, Safety and Environment Manager for the Company and she reports directly to the Board of one of the key assets, BNG.

Operational risks are classified as equipment failure, well blowouts, pollution, fire and the consequences of bad weather. In order to mitigate these risks well inspection reports and emergency response procedures are regularly provided, staff are trained in safety awareness and compliance with Standard Instructions on safe drilling and well construction in oil and gas fields is ensured. Safety training includes managing of wellheads, operation of vessels under pressure, lifting, loading, steam, hot water boilers, fire and electrical equipment.

There are comprehensive policies in place to manage these risks responsibly and detailed health and safety guidelines are provided in the following documentation:

  • Health, Safety and Environment Strategy 2009-2010
  • Health, Safety and Environment Goals
  • Health, Safety and Environment Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Accident Management Procedures
  • Accident Investigation, Classification and Reporting
  • Management transport plan
  • Management transport procedures
  • QHSE Policy

Where Caspian Sunrise is project operator it takes an increased responsibility for ensuring that all relevant legislation is met. Importantly this includes monitoring the safety of contractors and subcontractors on a constant basis. Contractors are required to conduct their operations in full compliance with all applicable governmental legislation and regulation regarding health, safety and environment.


One of Caspian Sunrise’s key goals is to minimise harm to the environment by effectively managing its environmental impact.

The Board recognises that Caspian Sunrise’s activities can have a significant impact on the environment and it monitors the environmental impact of its operations on a constant basis. To date no significant environmental issues have occurred at any of the assets.

Environmental compliance is overseen by Svetlana Kushenova. Svetlana has primary responsibility for all aspects of environmental management within Caspian Sunrise. Svetlana’s  key responsibilities include monitoring emissions reports, preparing contingency plans to minimise the potential impact of any unplanned environmental incidents or events and complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulation. Compliance with environmental regulatory bodies is managed from the regional offices in Aktau and Almaty.

Certain regulatory approvals must be obtained before exploration and production can commence and Roxi is fully compliant and up to date with environmental regulatory requirements.

Caspian Sunrise’s environmental policies also require that all contractors agree to conduct their operations in full compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulation.