The Company’s flagship asset is it 99% interest in the BNG Contract Area. Additionally the Company holds a 100% interest in the 3A Best Contract Area.

Kazakhstan BNG
LicenceWorking Interest (%)Area (sq km)Basin
3A Best1001,347Pre-Caspian


Wells drilled

Asset31 December 201631 December 2015

Reserves and Resources

Reserves mmbls
AssetAs at 24 March 2017*31 December 201631 December 2015
Shallow (P1)18.318.3
Shallow (P2)29.329.3
Deep (P1)
Deep (P2)


In January 2011, BNG engaged Gaffney Cline & Associates (“GCA”) to undertake a technical audit of the BNG Contract Area and subsequently Petroleum Geology Services (“PGS”) to undertake depth migration work, based on the 3D seismic work carried out in 2009 and 2010.

The work of GCA resulted in confirming total unrisked resources of 900 million barrels from 37 prospects and leads mapped from the 3D seismic work undertaken in 2009 and 2010. The report of GCA also confirmed risked resources of 202 million barrels as well as Most ­Likely Contingent Resources of 13 million barrels on South Yelemes.

The depth migration work that was carried out by PGS enabled Caspian Sunrise to gain a greater understanding of some of the deeper prospects yet to be explored. Caspian Sunrise believes the greater potential exists in the pre salt prospects and has plans to drill further wells to validate this belief.

In September 2016 Gaffney Cline completed an assessment of the reserves and resources attributable to the MJF structure based principally on the results from well 143. We plan to ask Gaffney Cline to revisit these finding based on additional information from 143 and information from new wells 141, 142, 144, 145 and 146 when drilled.

Well Summary


WellDate spuddedDepth (Meters)StructureWorking interest (%)*StatusBOPD
A5July 20134,432Aryshagal99SidetrackN/A
A6Nov 20154,516Aryshagal99Re perforationN/A
801Dec 20145,050Yelemes deep99Chemical washN/A
54Soviet era3,000Yelemes99Shut inN/A
80520102,505Yelemes99Producing under testxxx
80620102,557Yelemes99Producing under test47
807Sept 20132,500Yelemes99Producing under test48
808Jan 20173,200New99DrillingN/A
141Aug 20162,500MJF99Producing under test367
142Oct 20162,500MJF99Producing under test163
143April 20132,750MJF99Producing under test620
144May 20172,500MJF99Producing under test700
145July 20172,500MJF99Drilling paused at 1,700m to fit casingN/A
146October 20172,500MJF99