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Number of securities currently in issue:
2,088,219,494 Ordinary Shares of 1p each

Shareholder Shares %
Oraziman family
Akku Investments LLP 861,944,255 41.3
Kuat Oraziman 41,485,330 2
Oraziman family total 903,429,585 43.3
Dae Han New Pharm Ltd 224,830,964 10.8
Kairat Satylganov 221,625,001 10.6
Mrs Sagdieyva 66,425,290 3.2
Shares in issue 2,088,219,494

Akku Investments LLP is owned on a 50:50 basis by Aidana Urazimanova and Aibek Oraziman, the adult children of Kuat Oraziman, the Chief Executive Officer of Caspian Sunrise PLC.
The percentage of securities in public hands is 32.0%
Last updated 01 February 2021

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