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Significant Shareholders

Number of securities currently in issue:
1,824,327,552 Ordinary Shares of 1p each

Aibek Oraziman354,210,64319.41
Aidana Oraziman354,210,64219.41
Rafik Oraziman57,369,1243.14
Kuat Oraziman41,485,3302.27
Oraziman family total807,275,73944.25
Dae Han New Pharm Limited234,830,96412.87
Kairat Satylganov221,625,00112.15
Raushan Sagdievya66,425,2903.64
Shares in issue1,824,327,552

The percentage of securities not in public hands is 30.9%
Last updated 5 August 2019

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