Caspian Sunrise is committed to managing the business to have an overall positive impact on society and conducts all its business operations to best industry standards.

Caspian Sunrise places great importance on ethical business practices and respects cultural, national and religious diversity within the workforce and the communities in which it operates. It is committed to responsibly managing the impact of its operations on the environment and local communities and to treating the workforce with respect as well as giving them the opportunities to develop.

The approach is to grow the business responsibly through partnership. By working with well respected and experienced partners in Kazakhstan who have excellent local connections and knowledge risk can be managed through an improved comprehension of the complicated regulatory processes and a deeper understanding of the local culture in which Caspian Sunrise operates.

Caspian Sunrise enjoys extremely strong and effective working relationships with the various regulatory bodies in Kazakhstan enabling it to operate soundly and in line with local regulations.

The vast majority of the workforce is Kazakh and Caspian Sunrise is pleased to continue to have a strong Kazakh presence on its share register.